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>> we don't believe it was random. there have been some reports of drug use in this area. that's one of the things that detectives are looking at, but by no means is that the only motive they are looking at. >> police have several good leads and the victim's name, but they aren't releasing it yet. >> any idea who this might be? >> i have no idea. that's why they are here to find out. >> now there is a house and a barn and several other buildings on this 190-acre spread. this property is for sale and police say during that time, local kids have been using this as a place to hang out overnight. that is now all part of the investigation of montgomery county's first homicide of 2010. back to you. >> all right, audrey, thank you so much. are they saying anything at this point about where their investigation is going? >> police tell us they have some very good leads. they have been out actively
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looking for suspects since 3:00 this afternoon when the medical examiner ruled this death a homicide. we expect to know more shortly. >> all right, audrey, thank you very much. >> two hair stylists from a fashionable salon were in federal court today as part of a grand jury investigation, involving a couple without an invitation. lindsey is live in northwest dc with more on that. lindsey. >> well, the stylest, their attorney, and one of the salon's owners talked with us briefly in front of the district courthouse here. what they told us was not what they said in the grand jury, they aren't allowed to tell us what was said in there. they did shed some light on what's going on with this case. >> gomez, along with peggy came to court in a stretch limo. a crowd of cameras from local and national networks swarmed around them. inside, we understand they met with the secret service along with u.s. attorneys.
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they met with the grand jury around 2:00, by 3:00, they were done. >> called to testify as back witnesses. >> we were not told what they spoke about, but it all stems from the night the salahi's entered the white house uninvited. >> i have never experienced it and i will never forget it. >> the day of event, the salahi's spent hours being groomed at the salon. two stylists worked on salahi's hair and makeup. >> this is a very stressful time for all. it's very much respected time that we have to show respect for the justice suspect, the white house, and everyone involved. >> as an american citizen, i'm here to serve my country. >> james will only say that they want to thank all of their loyal customers. under any other circumstances, the salon owners say they keep clients information private. >> i thank you for all the
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support and the support and love. >> now, i want to make it clear they were not in court today and they were not expected to be. live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey. >> lindsey, thanks. >> are you guilty of using your cell phone, putting makeup on or eating while you're driving? a new group is hoping to make driving as shameful as getting behind the wheel drunk. the fight against distracted drivers. peg. >> the group is called focus driven. it is similar to mothers against driving. each of the founding members has a personal and compelling reason for their fight. each has lost a loved one, a parent, or a child to a distracted driver. >> look at that beautiful smile. and that beautiful smile and the x-rays of her teeth are what identified her body. >> she was crushed to death in her school bus when it was hit
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by a distracted driver. >> my truck at approximately 60 miles an hour. >> the driver on the cell phone? >> he was fatigued and by his own admission was distracted by his cell phone. >> alicia is one of the five newfounding board members of focus driven. they have all suffered devastating personal losses at the hands of a distracted driver. >> i don't want to meet anymore victim survivors. i want to meet people who say i'm glad that's done. >> rob ray reynolds signed up. three cars were already through, and a 16-year-old is coming the other direction, ran the red light, and hit her doing 50 miles an hour. >> national safety council, all urging states and congress to pass tough laws, not just about cell phone use, but all kinds
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of distracted driving, from eating to putting on makeup to texting. >> some of you are guilty of texting while driving, and we just have to do better. >> now lahood says everyone knows .08 is the legal definition of drunk driving. he is hoping congress can come up with some federal laws, such as withholding money to states that don't pass tougher laws against distracted driving. i'm peggy fox live in arlington, back to you. >> thank you. tonight a new report card is showing how states our regions roads are really are. puts out a safety road map each year, ranking laws they recommend. the district number one with 1 1/2 of the 15 laws, maryland comes in fourth with 11 1/2. virginia on the other side, coming in 47 of 51, it has just six of the 15 recommended road
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laws. state police were out in force today, enforcing hovs. there were other police stops on 95 in northern virginia. police say they issued 83 tickets to hov violators during this morning's rush. sky 9 was over the traffic early, and an overturned car blocked two lanes between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. no one was seriously injured. a water main break shut down the right lane of eastbound 150 this morning. crews are still there, those repairs could take a while. some customers in the area are experiencing some disruptions. extra security at spring high school in northeast washington today. the school was placed on lockdown and evacuated for several hours yesterday. a security guard says he saw someone walking around with a
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gun in his pocket. that weapon was never found. the extra security will stay in place on campus for the next few weeks. >> the search for three missing virginia girl is over. this morning, they track down an officer in sterling. >> about 1:00 in the morning last night, came up and said, were the run away girls from leaseburg and we want to go home. so a conclusion to this story, the girls were transported here to our headquarters. they have been interviewed by the detectives. it appears they are fine. no injuries of any kind. >> officer jones did say there was no evidence of any gang involvement as had been suggested. the girls are back home with their parents. >> virginia governor, bob mcdonnel, robinson currently heads the black alliance for
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education options. the group advocates giving black children greater access to charter and private education. governor elect pledged to expand charter schools in his campaign. you have less than two hours to vote in today's special election. a replacement for incoming attorney general, democratic state delegate, david, and republican are up for the district 37 seat. polls close at 7:00. some scary moments for folks in a north carolina port town. officials say crews working with a shipment of dangerous explosives damage the containers, forcing residents to say it was time to evacuate. >> police stood guard at every intersection, leading to the port. crews there are working fast to clean up a spill on the highly volatile explosive. the same explosive used in the failed christmas day airplane attack. it's often used in military
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explosives. >> we are not out of the woods. we are a lot bigger than we were three hours ago. >> a forklift operator punctured nine drums. they were all filled with petn. officials say it's in a thick, liquid form, so it oozed out and hazmat crews could easily contain it. still, officials asked residents within a half mile to evacuate. >> we took some precautions that we felt were needed to be done to protect the citizens. >> officials have not released information about where the shipment came from or where it was headed. they say they knew the shipment was coming and they were prepared with more security and manpower. >> we get a lot of hazardous materials come through here on a weekly basis. >> the cleanup is expected to take the rest of the day. they are confident the incident is not connected to terrorism. cbs news, new york. >> one of two in north carolina, and one of the
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deepest on all of the east coast. our weather is about to findly start to warm up a bit and not a minute too soon. topper shut braving the temperatures out on the forecast first. >> still cold tonight, we doctor we have a light at the end of the tunnel. it will become breezy. in fact, winds picked up a little bit. lows 18 to 26, and winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. if you are headed out now, it's chilly. 33 at national, but 32 in frederick and 20s as you head into the mountains. everyone is holding in the mid 30s. let's factor in the breeze, 24 at national. mid and upper 20s across the metro area with some teens out to the north and west. we will come back. we will talk about our january thaw. it's on the way. we have another great best shot to show you all coming up. thanks, top. tuesday evening, time for a check on the evening rush.
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petronya. >> it's chilly ride home amist plenty of action already on the capital beltway here. here in virginia towards potomac, volume is picking up and going east of that from 270 to 95. we ar estimating a drive time of 20 minute commute and growing at this hour. if you are out and about in silver spring, let's show you what's going on there. this is at university boulevard going eastbound at east franklin. this is blocking the right lane, so expect some minor delays going through that area. and finally, we want to show you why you want to avoid 395 southbound at this hour. take a look, no brakes here from washington boulevard down to duke. bumper to bumper traffic. no accidents that we are seeing, but lots of volume. watch out for that traffic heading down that area. >> all right, coming up, ten straight days of freezing temperatures in florida could mean higher food prices at your local market. plus, conan oh brian says no
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way, rejecting nbc's plan to move the tonight show. >> two airlines are raising baggage fees even higher. we'll be back.
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stock losing ground today on wall street. the dow closed down 36 points. the nasdaq fell 30 points and the s & p 500 shed 10. >> card members can use their rewards points to pay their taxes. rack up a whole lot of points to make it work. under the new program, use 200 points to pay off just $1 in taxes. that means you'd have to charge $1 million in goods to pay off a $5,000 tax bill. >> and get set for higher fees
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for checking your luggage. continental airline matched for checked baggage. passengers will be charged $23 for the first bag. if you are checking online, $25 in person, $35 if you check at the airport. a new move is underway to raise tax on alcoholic drinks in maryland. activists gathered to push for the legislation to raise a tax by a dime a drink. the money it brings in would be used to fund key public health programs. >> as a tavern owner said, when he asked his customers, every one of them said yes, i do that, when they know the money is going to make them healthy. >> that's why the polls show 80% of marylanders support it. >> maryland has one of the lowest taxes on alcohol in the nation. the last time it was raised, back in 1955. >> farmers in central florida are working around the clock to try to save their crops from ten straight days of freezing
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temperatures. they have been spraying their strawberries and letting a layer of ice melt off when temperatures go up during the day. too many days of this could ruin their crops. and with production down, fruit prices are expected to go up. bruce leshan has more in this consumer alert. >> he said three for a dollar this week, they will probably be three for ten next week. >> at the farmer's market, shoppers in the know are stocking up. >> people don't even have coats in miami and it's 37 degrees. >> that's tough. >> the florida deep freeze is already smacked anyone in our area with a taste for summer fruits and veggies. >> coming from italy right now. >> italy? >> has been unable to get strawberries at any price for almost a week. >> you are going to see a tomato like this, because it was picked immature. >> the tomatoes were pulled to save them from the coming cold and they are unlikely to ever ripen up.
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cabbage, greens, squash, and peppers were hit hard. >> green beans, you lost 50% of the crops. strawberries, you lost 70% of the crop. >> wholesalers have been searching for produce. it's going up in price. >> if you have it or somebody wants it, they will charge you more for it. >> one piece of good news. much of florida's citrus production moved further south after a nasty freeze in 1989, so, oranges may not have been hurt as badly as they could have been. >> i feel so sorry for the growers. >> the cold snap seems to have finally broken. the temperature in miami right now, about 66 degrees. 73 by thursday, but for most farmers, it is most likely too late. bruce leshan, 9news now and >> produce buyers are suspects that florida growers may have lost their fruit, but save
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their strawberry vines, which means you should have fruit soon, but not find any chocolate covered strawberries in time for valentine's day. >> that's just wrong. >> okay, give her straight chocolate. that's what this sweety wants. >> okay. >> that's what you want. >> it will all be okay. >> fruit and chocolate. >> anyway, it's tuesday, it's best shot day. and this is interesting. it doesn't happen too often here. but check this out, this is frozen spray. isn't that cool? >> really? >> yes. look out, maryland. in fact, i think it was near the st. mary's state park there. it comes over from the bay and freezes. that's how cold its been. it's been really pretty cold for us the past few weeks. won't be there for long. pretty easy. we appreciate that. go to and click on the weather tab and use the drop down menu. you'll see a place to submit your best shot. include your name, town, and
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location and a brief description. okay, next three days look like this. temperatures will be going up. here comes our thaw. 40 tomorrow. we'll call it chilly. mid 40s on thursday, sunshine seasonal. finally on friday, i can put the m word out there. mild. right down to the black board. tonight, partly cloudy, breezy and cold. lows 18 to 26. now winds northwest at 10 to 15. will drive windchills into the single digits after midnight. temperatures around the area for lows, there will be some teens. 19 at great falls, 20 in bowie, and 19 in upper marlboro. right now, temperatures right around freezing. 32 in gaithersburg. a little bit cooler out to the west. although not much. 30 out in front royal and 29 in romney. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. teens and 20s. and by afternoon, plenty of sunshine, but chilly. high temperatures near 40 and winds turn around, become
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southwesterly at 10, that's a good thing, because southwesterly winds bring up milder air. satellite picture, radar combined, we are getting rid of the clouds. they really hung tough today, for a change. for the first time since the new year broke, there are no advisories for snow in the mountains. because of that, it will be a cold, cold night. all right, we'll do some zones for you. all six zones are on our website. 41 front roil, around 40, just about everywhere. maybe low 40s as you head towards dale city. 44 annapolis, and 44 plum point. no winds tomorrow, no small craft advisories and that has been rare so far this year. next seven days, mid 40s on thursday and 50 on friday. i think we'll make 51 on saturday, and it does appear that storm system will get far enough north to throw moisture our way. we are going to call it a cold rain, mid 40s sunday and
5:20 pm
monday. back up to 50 on tuesday. >> wow, that is a nice recovery. >> not bad. yeah. >> okay. we have some breaking news coming out right now. a strong earthquake hit the country. we are told a hospital has collapsed and people are literally screaming for help. the survey says the quake had a magnitude of 7.3. it was centered about 14 miles west of the caribbean nation's capital. we'll of course gather more information and be right back. if you have high blood pressure, like me,
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and get a cold... need a cold medicine with a heart. only coricidin hpb has a heart, right here. it's the only cold and flu brand that won't raise your blood pressure. coricidin hpb. powerful cold medicine with a heart. i'm peggy fox with this wednesday, get one on one help in keeping your weight loss and diet resolutions. come to the meetup, where family magazine, nutrition editor will help us get back on track with our dietary goals for 2010. details on a kansas judge has
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reaffirmed a controversial ruling allowing the confessed killer of a late term abortion provider to present a voluntary manslaughter defense. until the ruling, it was expected to be an open and shut first degree murder case. the judges decision means scott can argue he believes the murder of a wichita doctor was a justified act aimed at saving unborn children. abortion opponents are eager to watch his plead his case. the woman who hid ann frank and her family has died. she was one of a handful of employees of anne's father who hid the family and brought them food and necessities during the holocaust. he is credit the with keeping anne frank's memory alive, but rescuing the diary of her life. she was 100 years old. a rare 400-year-old map that puts china at the center of the world is now on display.
5:25 pm
that map was made by italy. it is the first map to name identify and identifies florida as the land of flowers. the map is the second most expensive rare map ever sold. it will be on display at the library of congress for three months before moving to its permanent home at the university of minnesota. coming up, new poll numbers add up to some bad news for the president. >> plus, ammo on board. a man turns himself in, carrying shotgun shells on to a flight. when mark mcguire came to capitol hill, he wanted to tell the truth, says former virginia congressman. he'll tell us why on that day he couldn't do it. i'm sara walsh, that story ahead.
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we want to update our breaking news. a strong earthquake has hit the impoverished country. we are told a hospital has collapsed and people are screaming for help. the u.s. geological survey says that quake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.3. it was 17 miles west of the
5:29 pm
caribbean. saw the hospital collapse. a tsunami watch is now in effect for parts of the caribbean. we'll bring you more details as soon as they become available. let's also reset some of the other top stories in the news now. investigators are looking for the gunman behind montgomery county's first murder of the year. the 18-year-old victim was found shot to death on the driveway of a home. the sheerwood high school student who made the discovery said it's a sight he will never forget. new developments into the investigation of the virginia couple who attended a white house state dinner apparently uninvited. two hair stylists who worked on salahi appeared before a grand jury today at the u.s. district court in northwest. and people who lost loved ones to distracted drivers are behind a new campaign. members of the group called focus driven are attempting to make multitasking behind the wheel as illegal and frowned upon as drunk driving. >> it has become common place.
5:30 pm
another baseball superstar admitting he used steroids. he wanted to make that confession years ago. sara walsh joins us with the story. sarah. >> the only thing shocking about mark mcguire was the timing. and while most everyone in the public had suspicion, one former congressman knew the truth all along. i caught up with former virginia congressman, tom davis who tells us today what he knew. >> i'm not here to talk about the past. >> it was those words uttered repeatedly in the 2005 congressional hearing that convinced the public, mark mcguire used steroids. before confirming it on monday -- >> i apologize to everyone in major league baseball. it was the hardest thing. >> mcguire confessed on that day of the infamous testimony to former virginia congressman, tom davis. ingly think mark mcguire wanted to tell his story. the difficulty is, there was a five year of statute of
5:31 pm
limitations as a criminal penalty and he played in miami and san francisco, where there were active steroid investigations going on. >> at the time, davis was the chairman of the house reform committee and knowing the truth while listening to mcguire's answers -- >> i'm not here to talk about the past. >> was frustrating. >> i was in congress 14 years. there were a lot of hearings i sat by knowing the truth. unfortunately, that's the way it operates. you have to keep those discussions confidential. >> tom davis said he did ask for mcguire to be granted immunity. he said it was denied by alberto gonzalez. davis admits, things would have been played out much differently. >> it would have been a far different hearing, if you can imagine, yes, i used it. this was widespread. it would have been -- although we were able to accomplish our goals in changing major league's baseball policy. >> mcguire could not be
5:32 pm
honest, whether the public believes his apology has been fear remains to be seen. >> the former congressman tells me he wishes mcguire well and they believe while it took five years for the confession to surface, they believe the goal of the steroids hearing was reached. that was to crackdown on steroid usage in baseball. >> thanks for that report. the president and first lady were among a host of dignitaries who paid a final fair well today to jeane biden. funeral services were held in wilmington, delaware. she died at the age of 92. she suffered a broken hip and become ill in recent days. for the first time since taking office, president obama's rating is below 50%. the latest poll shows 6% of americans think barack obama is doing a good job as president. 36% approve of the way he is dealing with healthcare reform
5:33 pm
and 41% approve of how the president is handling the economy. >> but overall, i think the frustration with washington and let's move forward with policies that spark the economy. >> this is no longer seen as president bush's economy. it's now president obama's economy and he needs to focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. >> the poll did give the president high marks for handling terrorists. 57% say they approve of the way the administration has handled that failed suicide bombing attempt on christmas day. speaking of which, less than a week after a nigerian man was arrested for that failed attack, we are learning about another airport security breech. this time at mitchell international in milwaukee. karen brown reports. >> reporter: flight 1669 was pushing back from the gate in milwaukee when the pilot told passengers there was a security problem. a gun does he recall on board had alerted flight attendants he mistakenly carried on live ammunition.
5:34 pm
>> doesn't give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. >> the dallas bound jet immediately returned to the gate. the unidentified passenger told the transportation security agency he forgotten that he had shotgun shells in his carry on. he was rescreened and allowed to reboard the plane, which took off for dallas. the security breech comes on the heels of umar farouk's indictment in the attempted bombing for an airliner on christmas day. >> i thought it was ridiculous. we just had a gentleman put explosives in his underwear two weeks ago and they were supposed to up security, and here, a man walks on with shotgun shells in his wife. >> i was like, you've got to be kidding me? you're joking. >> tsa is reviewing the incident and the screener who missed the shells has already been given additional training. midwest airlines, which operated the flight has declined to comment. after the bombing attempt on
5:35 pm
christmas day, president obama ordered enhanced screening and more bomb sniffing dogs at airports. the security breech in milwaukee has left passengers on board that flight wondering what it will really take to secure the nation's airports. karen brown, cbs news. >> reports of airplanes hitting birds and other wildlife are going way up. the associated press reports bird plane collisions could reach or exceed 10,000 for the first time. one federal aviation administration adviser says birds and planes are quote, fighting for air space and in his words is getting increasingly crowded. increasingly crowded on the roadways, especially during the rush hour, what's going on? >> yes, definitely. you know, 270, drivers know this well. they are battling for room on the roadways. we are jammed from the beltway and again from gaithersburg to germantown. in virginia, really bad is 395 as we take a live shot here.
5:36 pm
it's battling out 66 as you can see, really heavy in both directions, but definitely on southbound from washington boulevard all the way to the mixing bowl, not seeing any breaks. it's slow going south, no major incidents to worry about there. guys, back to you. well, conan breaks his silence, the tonight show host rejects nbc's late night shuffle plan. and why would a teacher write the s word on the chalk board? >> and over 5 million americans have alzheimer's. three generations of the same family have been affected by this terrible illness. we'll tell you where we stand on diagnosis, treatment, and even prevention of alzheimer's disease. i'm dr. john. that story later on the cbs evening news with katie couric.
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prayer and wanted dead or alive. log on to to cast your vote. the choices will be narrowed down to three and bon jovi takes the stage with the winning song during the grammy awards broadcast, that is january 31 right here on wusa9. conan o'brien does not want to go on after midnight. the comedian rejected nbc's attempt to move the tonight show to 12:05 a.m. the switch was designed to accommodate jay leno's return to late night n. a statement this afternoon, o'brian says nbc has given him a scant seven months to establish himself. o'brian raised the possibility he might go to a new network, he has no such offer right now. in texas, a dispute over a young boy's long hair is keeping him out of the classroom. taylor has been under an in school suspension since
5:41 pm
november. the prekindergartenner sits in. his family rejected a compromise that would have allowed him wear his hair in tight braids, but no longer than his ears. >> his hair doesn't affect his education by no means the regulation is 40 years old. he needs to update and realize that not all children are the same. >> the school officials maintain all students in the district must adhere to the dress and hair code. they say the code is in place to facilitate a constructive learning environment. another school dispute in texas, this over the f word. a second grade teacher wrote it on a classroom black board to demonstrate it was a bad word. she had the kids duplicate the word. parents are not thrilled with the lesson, neither are administrators. some are calling for the teacher to be suspended or fired. >> cougar cruises. >> and if a vacation seems
5:42 pm
like a policy, we'll get the best ideas. >> no more cougar cruises? i'm leaving. no, i'm back. it's tuesday, and that means it's time for the latest installment of the good, the bad, and the ugly. a close up of shaq that no photographer wants. plus, why oklahoma's tiny gallon needs a new name. he ain't tiny. gbu brings you the carnage in nine minutes. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
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(announcer) new icy hot no mess applicator. wherever you hurt. it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain, no mess. we have an update on a consumer alert about reports of a dangerous toxin. the chinese government says it will look into the associated press findings that exported children's jewelry contained high levels of the potentially cancer causing chemical, cadmium. two stores have pulled the products sited in the report. >> it is appalling to find that these levels in products that are designed for children. recent research indicating it
5:46 pm
can cause learning disabilities and permanent loss of iq. >> it's outrageous that an industry that has been told they can no longer use a toxics chemical turns to another toxic chemical, a known carcinogen to use in the same products. >> among the items silented, disney princess and the frog pendants and a charm, the consumer product safety commission is conducting its own test. just yesterday, we were able to purchase some of those bracelets from claire's. >> it is possible to go on a great vacation and not spend a lot of money if you know the right place to go and win. in tonight's living smart report, giving a cold shoulder to high prices. >> cost usually plays into the decision of where we go, depending on how much it's going to cost to get there. >> cindy richards books all her travel. that short time that falls between low and high season. >> you can always get a better deal during the shoulder
5:47 pm
season. you can always find the destinations to less crowded. >> it hits at different times. sarah, of travel and leisure magazine gives us a rundown of destination deals. in january, florida is still one of her top picks, since hotels and beaches are still fairly empty. skipping ahead to march, look south of the border. >> rio brazil is a fabulous place to travel to in march. it is just after carnival and you are going to find hotels 60% off the average rate. >> caribbean is hot for april, but so are many european cities. >> particularly excited about scotland,, you can visit all sorts of cultural attractions. >> may, it's all about the mediterranean, plus, great cruise deals, too. and if you are already planning for september -- >> you might consider hawaii, where the water is still very warm and crowds decrease after labor day. >> by the end of the year, decide if you want to go warm
5:48 pm
or cold. travel in leisure suggests the riviera mya for november. december's pick will have you packing a parka, she likes shoulder season specials in the rockies. >> many of my shoulder season trips have been actually to colder weather climates. >> you probably notice the suggested trips skipped over june, july, and august, and that is because that's when most families are likely to travel, so you are less likely to get a deal. sorry. >> okay, speaking of vacations, no more cougar cruises. carnival cruise lines say they are eliminating cruises featuring cougars, women who want to date younger men. a trip in december attracted about 300 women and the men they call cubs, carnival says there were no problems, but it is a business decision. they will take their business to royal caribbean. cougar. 9news now at 6:00 is less
5:49 pm
than 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have new for you tonight. how you can buy a piece of dc history from one of the more scandalous periods. plus. i'm scott broome wrote a road has been closed because of some spectacular erosion. coming up at 6:00, the pictures you do not want to miss. >> and wizards head coach, flip sanders blast his team today. wait until you hear his review, that's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> after this cold air, a little warmup, let's get it going. >> a little more dramatic, but we will by the end of the week. the cold night, here you go. the next three days, right out of the gate. temperatures are going up. 40 tomorrow, and mid 40s on thursday. both the sunshine and even friday looks nice. mild, with temperatures around 50. and that's a word we haven't used a while. 50 on the black board.
5:50 pm
partly cloudy, breezy, cold, 18 to 26 and winds northwesterly. we are talking windchills in the single digits after midnight. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, a cold start. the winds die down, and by afternoon, mostly sunny and chilly. high temperatures near 0 and winds are not a factor and they from out of the southwest at 10, which is very good news, because that is a milder wind. next seven days, 40 tomorrow, sunshine, mid 40s on thursday. 50 on friday, in fact, we'll have two days in the 50s and the weekend, here comes that storm. i think it will get close enough to us to produce a cold rain with temperatures in the mid 40s for the holiday. it's only 50 on tuesday. so really, that's probably our warmest week in about four. >> i'm going to give that a sweet, we are loving that. all right, we are always loving gbu, what do you have? >> i'm welcoming anita back from vacation with an animal. not a furry.
5:51 pm
it's an actual animal. it's our week at the look at excellent and not not so excellent. best new year's eve party trick, travis in his minicooper jumping the rainbow harbor in long beach, california. if he nails it, it's the longest jump ever. 269 feet. he slammed into the barrier, but he was fine. and then, he jumps off the pier. wouldn't it have been ironic? he was fine. best catch in the papa john's bowl, ukon, just six out, watch that again. just one paw and reels it in. never needed the secondhand. he has a magnet or he has a big hand. most inappropriate name, oklahoma star, tiny gallon, because nobody named tiny should do that. >> what? >> tiny is 290-pounds.
5:52 pm
anybody got a shop vascular? they had a 30 minute delay while they cleaned up the mess. they need to call him large gallon, because he ain't tiny. best team loyalty. that's texasans receiver, andre johnson. the texasans were playing in miami last week and that's a big deal. andre is from miami and his whole family came out to see the game. except that guy, that's uncle arthur and uncle arthur is a dolphins fan. sorry, i rooted for miami my whole life, i'm not switching teams. i think i respect uncle arthur's loyalty. here's the bad, ryan tesler going at it with webber. when tesler gets thrown, he has to live with these guys in the green body suits for the whole five minutes. i believe that's worse than he deserves for the fight he initiates. the sideline photographers at the cleveland cavaliers game, here is shaq, he loses
5:53 pm
his balance. he is going to try to pop back up with a backwards roll. the photographer winds up with a face full of the big fundamental there, if you know what i'm saying, and that will scar a man, i mean for life. most uncooperative primate, the chimp at the tampa zoo, remember the zoo keepers allowed the patrons to give them fruit and the chimp responded by throwing an orange at the little girl, hit her right in the forehead. it was horrifying on one hand. on the other hand, pretty good throw bit chimp. here's the ugly, worst facial, kentucky's demarcus on the bad end of this. for what may be the nastiest jam in the history of the world. or at least since last week's gbu. you have to get out of the way when that train is coming.
5:54 pm
worst attempted revenge. calgary has a wicked hit there. gets his bell rung pretty good. brown is going to want to deliver a little payback. he skates down the other end of the ice and he misses. see, he checks himself into the board and that is not the revenge that he had in mind and there's your gbu for the 12th of january. i give you the chimp. >> lots of pain. >> we like to say that nobody got seriously hurt, but i can't actually -- i can't confirm that. they may have gotten hurt. what do i know? >> up next, unraveling the triggers of hair loss to find a treatment that really works. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us, tonight's living well segment is next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
tonight, trying to deal with hair loss. most people associate the problem with men and certainly common and a big concern. but women can experience thinning and even outright baldness and be a major blow to their self-esteem. finding the cause is the key to the treatment. >> as the real estate broker, judy harper believes her appearance is critical. harper, who was then in her early 40s started losing her hair. her doctor recommended medications to slow down the
5:58 pm
loss w. those didn't work, judy turned to something else. >> progressed to the point to where i felt i needed to have a scalp -- >> many women experience some hair loss or at least thinning before men pause. but excessive hair loss is medically known as alopecia. >> what might be acceptable to men, is not acceptable to women. >> dr. edmond griffin says thinning hair has many causes. often genetics, but there can be other reasons. >> whether it's a thyroid problem or anemia problem, or medications or an auto immune, and each one of those problems has a different approach to their treatment. > dr. griffin says a biopsy may be needed to make the right diagnosis. in order to grow more hair, many women use topical creams, oral medication, even surgery to replace hair follicles. judy plans to continue treating her condition with both topical
5:59 pm
and oral medication. and she's now seeing some regrowth along her hairline. >> now there's also something called te, this is hair loss that comes on suddenly, about six weeks after some sort of tragic event, including childbirth, or extreme stress. it can get so bad, hair comes out in handfuls. the good news is, as long as severe stressors can be avoided in the near future, people with te usually have a full remission. we have a link on our website right now,, click on living well. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. the first station with news in high definition, this 9news now. erosion is eating away at the safety net some people worked at for years. we start with the

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